STIRRED EGGS by Ethel Fleming

From 1915:

I suppose anyone would say there isn’t ‘a new way under the sun to prepare eggs. But I doubt whether most cooks have ever tried just this particular recipe. It is excellent, as I have proved, and makes a nice change. I call it “stirred eggs” and prepare it like this:

Take six eggs and three tablespoonfuls of gravy (chicken gravy is best), then prepare enough fried toast from which the crust has been taken to cover the bottom of a flat dish, a very little anchovy paste and one tablespoonful of butter. With these ingredients in hand follow this method:
Melt the butter in a pan, preferably a frying pan. When the pan is hot break the eggs into the fat. Stir in the gravy and the pepper and salt to taste. Continue to stir this mixture very quickly, keeping it well up from the bottom of the pan. This should be continued about two minutes or until such time as the whole is a soft, yellow mass. Then have the fried toast spread thinly with anchovy paste, ready in a flat dish. Heap the stirred-egg on this. Serve before the mass has time to harden.